Ask Samuel R. Delany Your Pressing Romance Questions!

I'm supposed to talk to Samuel R. Delany, award-winning author of Dhalgren, later today or possibly over the weekend. Are there any burning questions you've always wished someone would ask him? (That aren't rude or disrespectful, natch.) If so, please post them in the comment thread, and I'll try and pose them when I have him on the phone.


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I'm not sure if this is an appropriate thing to ask, but when I heard of Thomas Disch's death, I thought of Delany's own experience with poverty some years back. I don't know if he would be interested in talking about the difficulties of making a living as even a very "successful" and beloved science fiction writer, and the lack of awareness or the plights of certain literary heroes among fans and even other writers. But he may not want to talk about that and that's cool.

I've also always been curious just how carefully and intentionally constructed the Neveryona books are (yes, I know they're more fantasy than SF). The postmodernist bits all fit together so well (the bouncing balls in the first book come to mind) that I always wonder how much came from Delany's subconscious and how much he planned out from the start.