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Robert Llewellyn is a legend to science fiction fans. For several years, he's played the android Kryten in Red Dwarf — putting him up there with Brent Spiner and John Leeson as one of the longest running A.I. performances on television. And now, he's starring in a new webseries called Fully Charged, which looks at renewable energy and the future of energy production. Last week, we featured his segment where he interviews Red Dwarf co-creator Doug Naylor.


Now, Llewellyn is here to answer your questions about Red Dwarf, Fully Charged, or anything else that seems relevant. You know the drill — he's a guest in our house, so please be nice. He will be coming in and answering your questions at noon PST.

Meanwhile, here's the latest Fully Charged, in which Llewellyn looks at the Agility Saietta, a motorcycle that not only looks like something out of Star Wars — it's also fully electric.

And here's that Red Dwarf interview again!

Scroll down to ask Robert Llewellyn your questions!

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