Ask Jo Walton anything you want about Among Others

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In June, the io9 Book Club read Jo Walton's Among Others. Now Walton is coming to answer your questions about the book today, June 29. Feel free to ask her questions about her other books, but for the most part we'll focus on Among Others.


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She'll be joining us in the comment thread on this very post tomorrow, June 29 between 8:00-9:00 AM Pacific Time. Start posting your questions for her now, and she'll answer as many as she can during that hour.


Please be polite!

Want to get a head start on our next book? In July, we'll be reading Saladin Ahmed's Throne of the Crescent Moon, which we've been raving about for months (we reviewed it here). [Amazon] We'll meet July 24 to talk about the book, and Ahmed will join us in a conversation later that week.


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Let me apologize in advance for not having read the book; it's in my TBR stack, or my virtual one, anyway. I'd still like to ask a question, if that's all right — namely, why do you think contemporary fantasy, or "urban fantasy" is so popular right now?

In the '80s there were lots of great fantasy novels with modern settings — Peter S. Beagle's The Folk of the Air, John Crowley's Little, Big, Emma Bull's War For The Oaks, Megan Lindholm's Wizard of the Pigeons, Matt Ruff's Fool on the Hill, plus the works of R.A. MacAvoy, Jonathan Carroll, and Charles DeLint. But with the exception of a few mainstream bestsellers, such as Helprin's Winter's Tale, none of these novels ever found more than a cult audience at the time, though a lot of them seemed primed for crossover appeal. Why do you think the genre is so popular today, particularly with younger readers?

Thanks, and congratulations on winning the Nebula!