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What happens to a turkey when you deep fry it and why does pie crust need to be kept so cold? Just in time for Thanksgiving, Guy Crosby, the science editor for America's Test Kitchen, is here to take all of our questions about what science tells us about how to prepare a meal.


In addition to his work with America's Test Kitchen, Crosby is also the publisher of Cook's Illustrated and the co-author of the book The Science of Good Cooking, which breaks down some of the basic chemical principles behind really good home cooking.


Crosby has a PhD in organic chemistry and he's also an adjunct associate professor at the Harvard School of Public Health where he teaches on food science and technology.

He'll be joining us today from 11 A.M. - noon (Pacific time), so start asking him your questions now about why we should let meat rest before slicing into it, how to keep your mashed potatoes fluffy (but not gummy) and anything else you want to know!

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