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Ask A Theoretical Materials Scientist Anything You Want!

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Craig J. Fennie is a theoretical materials scientist at Cornell and the recipient of one of the 2013 MacArthur genius grants. He's here to answer our questions today about discovering new materials.


Craig works at the intersection of theoretical physics and chemistry to approach the problem of making targeted discoveries of new materials with desired properties by looking deep into their quantum structures. He's been especially successful with ferroelectric materials.

He'll be joining us today from 12 - 1 (PDT), so submit your questions now about the applications of materials science, using design as a prediction tool, and the idea of targeted discovery.


Image: Brian Maudsley / Shutterstock

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Do you or your colleagues spend a lot of time looking at how hazardous a material could be before people start working with it? Asbestos for example was used for years before we found out that it caused cancers and lung infections. Now we're hearing that graphene could be toxic to humans. How much emphasis is put on human safety before people start working with the next "Miracle Material"?