Ask A Neurobiologist About Brain Imaging -- and the Science of Fear!

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Joy Hirsch is a professor of Psychiatry and Neurobiology and one of the early developers of the fMRI — the imaging technique responsible for teaching us much of what we know about the brain's structure. She's here today to answer our questions about the brain, imaging, and fear!


Dr. Hirsch is currently on her way over to Yale where she will head up a new Brain Function Laboratory and previously was a Neuroscience professor at Columbia and the Director of their MRI research center.

Her research led to the developing of a brain mapping procedure and also made fundamental contributions to unveiling the processes behind how the brain copes with fear. You may also recognize her work from the American Museum of Natural History — where she curated an exhibit on the brain.


Ask her questions about neurobiology, brain imaging, and just what happens in the brain when we feel fear! She'll be joining us at 12 (PDT).

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How do you define "fear"? What kind of stimuli do you use to study it when you're peering into people's brains and how do you know when you've induced the right response? What are the limitations of the experimental set-up vs. real world situations? Thanks!