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Biologists Lisa Natanson and Cami McCandless are here to take all our questions about sharks, their biology, their environments, and their behavior.

Natanson and McCandless are both fisheries biologists with NOAA's Apex Predators Program. Natanson specializes in shark life history studies, which look at shark age, growth and reproduction. She focuses especially on coastal and pelagic shark species and also manages the APP's shark sampling surveys along the Eastern coast. McCandless manages the program to study the shark nursery grounds that can be found along the Eastern coast. She specializes in looking at distribution and trends in abundance for multiple shark species and in how environmental factors, ranging from salinity to water temperature and depth, affect those trends.


They'll both be joining us from 11 - noon (Pacific time) so start asking them questions now about the social lives of sharks, the different species that make their homes in the waters surrounding us, and what we know about their life cycles.

Image: Great white shark, Hermanus Backpackers

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