Now that they've finished the difficult first season, the creators of British time-travel series Ashes to Ashes are ready to get into murkier waters and the bigger picture behind why Alex Drake went from 2008 to 1981 as a result of being shot. Revealing that entire picture, of course, will require a third season to do properly, proving that the showrunners know how to guarantee their jobs for an extra year.

Showrunners Ashley Pharoah and Matthew Graham discussed their plans for their show - a spin-off from Life On Mars, John Simms' similarly-themed 1970s time travel series - at a BBC-sponsored writing seminar:

[W]e started talking about what we call our three year plan, which is if, all things being equal, we can run Ashes To Ashes - if we have a series two - if we can run it beyond series two to series three, as is our hope, we can actually unveil a bigger mystery, a bigger plan. And ultimately reveal a lot more about the characters... Now we can start darkening it, now we can start doing some of the things we did in Mars. We're bringing in bigger mysteries and more textured stuff, I think. We weren't sure about doing it in this initially.


What kind of mysteries are we talking about? The success of Kajagoogoo? Subliminal messages hidden in "Frankie Says" t-shirts? Or finally getting some kind of explanation as to why near-death experiences in the present result in time-travel into a rose-colored past?

Of course, the writers explaining that would require their knowing the reason behind it in the first place...

[Manchester Evening News, via Digital Spy]

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