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Ash Goes Home in the Ash vs Evil Dead Red Band Trailer

Illustration for article titled Ash Goes Home in the iAsh vs Evil Dead /iRed Band Trailer
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Season two of Ash vs Evil Dead is taking our hero back to Elk Grove, Michigan. And since his home state is where all his troubles started, you could say that Ash isn’t exactly happy to be going back. Especially since it interrupts his partying in Jacksonville.


This latest trailer is packed with exactly the sort of madcap violence we’ve come to expect from the series, as well as appearances from Lucy Lawless’s Ruby, who needs Ash to help her get rid of the evil infesting Elk Grove, and Ted Raimi as Ash’s childhood friend.

Katharine is the former managing editor of io9.

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I marathoned season 1 recently with the friend who got me into the Evil Dead films. What...what did we all do to deserve something that good? The perfect mix of ropey special effects, genuinely horrific gore, laugh-out-loud humour and batshit insanity. Cannot wait for season 2! I hope there’s no explanation given for the puppet, and Ash just takes to wearing it all the time. And it gets made a regular member of the cast in season 3.