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Ascension Trailer Shows Off Syfy's New Space Mutiny Series

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Ascension, otherwise known as the drama that Syfy is banking big time on bringing back their brand, has a slick new trailer. And what it's showing is a whole lotta spaceship—and we like that.


Here's the premise: 50 years ago, the world thought humanity might be over. So they sent out a special ship with all sorts of people in it with the hope that they would find a new Earth. However, Ascension the series takes place in the here and now. So it's been 50 years since the launch, and things are starting to fall apart between the upper and lower deck folks. Great premise, fingers crossed.

Ascension will premiere on December 15th.

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So, I read this article and then when off to have a shower. While in the shower, it occurred to me that the best future colonization crew would be made up entirely of queer women. I swear that this is all for entirely logical reasons.

First off, I want to say that this isn't because women would get along better or any of that nonsense. Personally, I think that a lot of the differences that we claim exist between men and women are something we have socially manufactured, but that is an entirely different monologue.

Women only: The reality is that (A) this will be a one way trip and that (B) it will be a multi-generational trip. Because of that, you want to be able to be efficient as possible while getting as much genetic diversity as possible (as it is possible that they may never see other humans again). You would be better off having the entire crew by women and using artificial insemination for at least the first batch of children born. Then you could use sperm from different donors for every single child born. This would maximize the genetic stock for the first few generations of people born in flight and on the new colony planet.

It isn't like they need men around to loosen the lids on jars and do daring things. The simple reality of the situation is that a crew of half men would be drastically out performed by a freezer full of sperm samples; after all, that would the their most important function to this future colony. 64 women and a freezer full of sperm creates better genetic options than 32 women and 3 women.

Additionally, if the offspring produced in flight are all done by artificial insemination, you could very carefully plan and control reproduction. You would have limited supplies so reproduction would need to be managed carefully. You don't want to have to worry about Lt. Sanchez and Capt. Smith getting frisky one night and producing an unplanned child.

Queer Women Only: I guess it isn't a necessity, but I think that it makes sense from a psychological stand point. These astronauts are committing to (A) saying goodbye to Earth forever and (B) being alone with the same crew (and their off spring) for the rest of their lives. Being sexually attracted to one of some of your fellow crew would make the trip less lonely. It isn't like you would have a whole lot to do on this long trip. Scientific research, filing reports, doing maintenance, having babies, and shacking up with your fellow crew members is about all there would be to do. And, really, do you want to have to face crawling into a bunch alone for the rest of your life? More than sex, physical intimacy is important in a person's life and mental health.

I don't think them being able to have romantic relationships and physical intimacy is necessary for this plan, but it has a high probability (in my opinion) of making the journey easier on the crew's mental health. There will still be fights, personality conflicts, and all that jazz. I just see this as the best function of efficiency.

In 15-20 years, the first generation born inflight would start reproducing and heterosexual couples would begin to go back to being the majority again; admittedly, with a potentially more liberal society.