As Michelangelo's Adam, a Prometheus Engineer sees the weird-ass face of God [NSFW]

Artist Dejan Jovanovic uses Michelangelo's Creation of Adam as the jumping-off point for this
delirious piece of Prometheus fanart. He then starts his god-like figure with a few dozen human characteristics before twisting the whole thing into a Giger-esque anatomical nightmare.

Jovanovic also has plenty of safer for work Alien and Prometheus-inspired artwork in his deviantART gallery. (I'm rather partial to his reinvention of the video game Machinarium in a biomechanical setting. He explains that in this piece, "Prometheus and God," the snake bioweapon is meant to represent the dangers of the Engineers' creativity, and he tried to make his "God" in a very different, but still H.R. Giger-flavored, image.

Prometheus and God [Dejan Jovanovic via Geek Art Gallery]

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