As If John Connor Isn't Sad Enough, McG Makes T4 Cast Read The Road

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Click to viewMcG took a turn for the super serious and handed out copies of Cormac McCarthy's The Road to the cast and crew of Terminator Salvation. Telling MTV "I think the first two pictures took those ideas [of inescapable destiny and dread] so seriously... We wanted to make sure we did that [as well]." Well, I'm not so sure about destiny, but you got the dread part down pat if you're reading The Road. Click through to hear how this novel will influence his film. While I commend this idea, let's be honest with ourselves: This is a long book, with not a lot of action. This is a story that teaches you about being the end of possibilities, facing nothingness. While I completely believe Bale is reading McCarthy's work, that's big load to take on in the middle of an intense action movie shoot. But McG did give MTV pretty good reasons for pushing The Road on his cast and crew:

"I gave all the actors ‘The Road' to read to get their heads right bout this sort of existential detachment that living in a post apocalyptic world would bring," McG revealed. "We're in a very large post apocalyptic environment. The bombs have gone off and there's very little left. People are wandering through lonely landscapes. We want to capture that by way of David Lean photographic expanses, so you think you're looking at ‘Lawrence of Arabia.' So far, so good."


At least McG is putting on his serious director hat for this movie. It sounds like a great idea, but I worry that they aren't stretching themselves too thin. The line-up of Terminator 4 influences is long I've heard Aliens, Nolan's Batman and now Cormac McCarthy, that's a lot spice my friends. Let's not forget why we're all going to see this movie. To watch robots kill people, and vice versa. [MTV]


Ooh, that's great. The Road is perfect! it's depressing yet hopeful, it's post-apocalyptic. Sweet.

"This is a long book, with not a lot of action."

Buh.... wha? It's like... what, 250 pages? In large font! Even an indifferent reader could put that away in like 2 days. A good reader in an afternoon without sweating.

And come on, it's riveting! There's not a ton of action, but it moves decently along. And what action is there is very compelling, with lots of tense moments in between.

(ok, this is turning into a fuggin love-fest review, lol.)

But for serious. This isn't exactly a difficult assignment, haha. I say kudos and props all around for making them read The Road.