Now you can gawk at the second trailer for Genius Party Beyond, a collection of Japanese animated scifi and fantasy shorts that run the gamut from cyberpunk to uncategorizable. Genius comes from the brilliant minds of the animation Studio 4°C. Click through to see the new trailer and check out new worlds, aliens crying for their mommy, and dead robots. There are a few shorts in this awesome collection that I'm really excited about: Gala is set in an exploding anime world, which looks terrific; pretty much every image in the short Moondrive is so beautiful it could be framed; The Doggy is completely incomprehensible and that scares me in a good way, and Toujin Kit gives us a glimpse into the strange world of toy experimentation. Beyond will open in Japan on October 11. No word on any US release dates, but if you ask me the meditating robot film is worth the price of an international airline ticket. Genius Party Beyond Trailer 2: Click to view Genius Party Beyond Trailer 1: Click to view [Twitch via Quiet Earth]


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