An artist has created gorgeous comic book covers of some of Black Mirror’s most iconic episodes so far...and yes, that includes an image of Porky Pig readying a bottle of lube. It’s about as awkward as it sounds.

The British show has become a cult hit in the US, and recently released its third season on Netflix. In tribute to the Twilight Zone-esque techno-drama, artist Butcher Billy imagined several episodes as comic books. These include “The National Anthem,” “White Bear,” “Nosedive,” “The Entire History of You,” and series-best episode “San Junipero.”


Show creator Charlie Brooker loved them so much, he reached out to the artist to see about ordering some prints. Right now, they’re available on the artist’s website. He also has a collection dedicated to Stranger Things, which imagines Eleven as the new Superman. I can see it.



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