Artist Turns Gotham's Heroes and Villains Into Batman: The Animated Series Legends

All Photos Courtesy Rick Celis

Batman: The Animated Series recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, and right on its heels comes the fourth season premiere of Gotham. The Baby Batman prequel doesn’t exactly hold a candle to one of television’s greatest animated series—but, thanks to one artist, it kind of looks like it does.

Artist Rick Celis has created a series of illustrations that turn some of Gotham’s biggest stars into their characters from The Animated Series. The first series showcased the characters individually, while a later series put them alongside the shadows of their predecessors.


They create a fun and quite pretty parallel between the old and the new, while reminding us just how gorgeous The Animated Series’ style truly was. You can check out some of the prints below, while others are on his Twitter.


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