Artist Turns $20 Wonder Woman Toy Into a Spectacular Miniaturized Gal Gadot

Yeah, that’s the same action figure on the right. Not a press picture of Gal Gadot for the Wonder Woman movie. Great Hera!

This is the amazing work comes from the incredibly talented Noel Cruz, who’s wowed the internet before with his vast array of doll repaints, taking toys and repainting them into amazingly detailed and realistic recreations. This Wonder Woman—actually a 19-inch Batman v Superman action figure from Jakks Pacific—is his latest, and it’s just jaw-droppingly good. Here’s the original toy, which actually looks totally fine for your typical piece of movie merchandise:


And then here’s Cruz’s repaint, which is just completely unbelievable in how detailed it is:


It’s hard to imagine that it’s really the same toy—but the only tweaks Cruz made to the original figure was the replacement of the plastic sculpted hair with a new wig, and the addition of a material belt and Diana’s trusty lasso. Everything else is simply stunning paint work.


As for why your mass-manufactured $20 Wonder Woman figure does look like it’s been infused with the actual soul of Wonder Woman herself, well, you’re welcome to put a bid on Cruz’s one-of-a-kind repaint on eBay—where, as of writing, it’s going for just shy of $1,600. This kind of remarkable level of detail is worth a lot.



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