The 1965 model of the U.S.S. Enterprise usually hangs in the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum, but right now it's being restored. It's still a thing of incredible beauty, even after 50 years. So artist Nick Acosta took photos of the original model as it is now, and inserted it into iconic shots from the Star Trek movies.

Acosta writes:

Right now the original 1965 built model of the USS-ENTERPRISE is currently being restored by the Smithsonian to be hung in its Air and Space Museum. The model was designed by Star Trek's Art Director Matt Jefferies. Recently the model was shown to the press to show the needed restoration.

I was amazed how large and detailed it was, even in its unrestored state. I grew up with this model and it always seemed like its own heroic character in the show. So I took actual photos of the model as it is today and re-composited the photos into the Star Trek feature film shots. I think the model still holds up beautifully, especially when it is properly lit and the ship's lights are illuminated. I did my best to replicate the proper lighting and look of the ship when I composited it into these famous Star Trek movie scenes. For those interested in how these shots were made you can check out this animated tumblr page where I show the step by step assembly of the shots.

Check out a ton of high-res images, and animated GIFs of the process, below.