Artist Proves Stranger Things Already Has Ideal Star Wars Origins Cast

Illustration for article titled Artist Proves iStranger Things/i Already Has Ideali Star Wars/i Origins Cast

Disney’s next Star Wars spinoff is a Han Solo origin story, but why stop with Solo when you can have the entire bunch? One artist shows that Stranger Things has assembled the perfect team for a non-Anakin Star Wars prequel story. Star Wars Babies, they make your dreams come true.

Artist Michael Maher Jr. made this fantastic illustration showing the Stranger Things actors in what would be their respective Star Wars roles. Will is the brooding Luke Skywalker, Lucas takes on the part of a young Lando, and, of course, Eleven is Princess Leia. Maher Jr. told io9 that he got inspired to make the piece after hearing that Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown wanted to portray Leia. It makes sense, the likeness is uncanny.

Courtesy of Michael Maher Jr.
Courtesy of Michael Maher Jr.

Bonus points for turning Dustin into Chewbacca. I always imagined Chewie in a baseball cap. Normally someone might see that as an insult, but actor Gaten Matarazzo is just so sweet and positive, I think he’d find it pretty cool. Which he should, because Chewie is badass.


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Beautiful art, but really none of it makes any sense. Why would Leia have the hairstyle from a new hope? Who has their 18 year old hair style at 12? And Lando with a cape as a kid? And Solo looking like he does at 30? Chewie is the only inspired part.