We've seen tons of amazing Game of Thrones fan art before, but we've never seen anything like this. British concept artist Bjorn Hurri created a brand new set of characters in the Game of Thrones universe — including this dragon-wrangler, who looks like she could give Daenerys a run for her money.

As Hurri writes over on his CGHub page, this is a unique Game of Thrones fan art project. "The idea behind this project is not to redesign any existing character but to do my own characters."

We've featured Hurri's work before, including his Steampunk Star Wars designs. But this new Game of Thrones-inspired project is still uniquely fun. Here's the full dragon wrangler:


Here's a character referred to as "High Guard," who almost looks like a rogue member of the Kingsguard:

Here's a character known as Master of Iron:


And finally, here's "Assassin," whom Hurri pictured being "a rogue like character, a strong woman."