INSA is a product designer and graffiti artist who has created a series of gifs that reveal what our world will look like when walls can be animated just like images online. Here are some of his craziest gif creations.

The world's largest GIFiti, on a 8-story building in Taiwan, with MADSTEEZ

(via POW!WOW!Taiwan)

In a Marabout home, Makasutu, Gambia

Blink, with RONE in Melbourne, Australia

Online Love, Newcastle, UK

C'est la vie, Paris, France

Future, with ROID MSK, London, UK

Make your own way, Miami, Florida

Do one thing well, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Paradise, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii

Holywood Dooom, with Stanley Donwood, on the walls of XL Records, Los Angeles

A house in Gambia

A work made in London, UK, with UNGA

Bonus: MUTO and Big Bang Big Boom, wall-painted animations by Blu


The GIFs are from insaland.