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Important! There's a Catbus monorail. Yes.

Reports Architizer:

Graphic artist Takumi has drawn up an incredibly detailed plan for a theme park based on the much-loved Japanese animation empire, Studio Ghibli.

For accommodation, you can kick back and relax in Hotel Adriano — featured in Porco Rosso — or the Aburaya Bathhouse, the architectural centerpiece of all-time classic Spirited Away.

If you fancy a wild ride, you can hop on Automobile Mountain, with a gun-toting Dora from Castle in the Sky, or swing through the air on Therru's Dragon from Tales from Earthsea. There are even some cultural institutions within the park, with a gigantic aviation museum featuring a host of flying machines from Jiro's Birdplane, featured in The Wind Rises, to the Flaptter, also from Castle in the Sky.


Well, we can dream, can't we?

Via Curbed.

Image via Geekologie, which has a giant hi-res version here.

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