Artist Nina Levy has a daily ritual that hopefully puts as big a smile on her kids' faces as it puts on ours. She draws spectacular images on her sons' napkins before sticking the napkins in with their lunch. Each day, the boys eat with dinosaurs, monsters, and the occasional superdog.

Levy draws these napkins with waterproof markers for her sons, 9-year-old Archer and 5-year-old Ansel. It looks like Ansel gets the bulk of the crimefighting canines, although he wasn't a fan of a Pitbull as Wonder Woman. (He thinks the breed's name sounds too much like "nipple.") Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing a Pitbull Wonder Woman comic, but I'm partial to the Bully breeds.

You can see more of Levy's art (superdog and otherwise) on her napkin blog.

Daily Napkins [via The Mary Sue]