Artificial Islands of the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, a body of water that sits at the nexus of several political hot spots in the Middle East, has been a source of contention for decades. Now a New York City architecture firm called Phu Hoang Office has proposed a way to turn the sea into a thriving center for tourism and eco-research. The firm proposed the creation of artificial islands (pictured) called No Man's Land that would house hotels, create energy, and harvest clean water from the atmosphere. Check out more pictures and a schematic below.


According to Inhabitat:

Salinity gradient solar ponds, water purification tanks, and water filtering processes will all be integrated into the designated "water islands" of the chain. The other two island designs will be for tourists and solar energy production, providing self sufficient power as well as creating revenue.

Here is a more detailed schematic:


The design was shortlisted for Architectural Association's Environmental Tectonics 2007 competition because the design attempts to solve political and cultural issues using design techniques.

Innovative Watertechture in the Dead Sea [via Inhabitat]


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