Artificial Humans Fight for Freedom in This Stylish Sci-Fi Short

Almost human.
Almost human.
Image: Short of the Week

We’ve sung the praises of filmmaker K-Michel Parandi on io9 in the past, and now there’s a new verse: XYZ, From Fire and Dust, a proof-of-concept short about artificial humans that Parandi hopes may become a series one day, according to Short of the Week.


Here’s a description, followed by the short. It’s a bit long at 15 minutes, but as you’ll see, it crams a lot of ideas and visual flair into that runtime.

From the director of “From the Future With Love, in the future there is a highly regulated process for “printing” human-like organisms, whom then remain under their owner’s control in perpetuity. These “angels” are incredibly valuable, but the constricted supply gives rise, as always, to a black market. We follow the Noo, a trio of 3 identical angels whom share a hive consciousness, as they attempt to extricate themselves out from under the control of the corrupt police officer whom has illegally created them, and secure official status for their existence.

[Short of the Week]

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this is really cool. i enjoyed it and would watch more.