Arrow Star Stephen Amell Flies Through American Ninja Warrior Course

GIF source: NBC

Stephen Amell, better known as Green Arrow from CW’s Arrow, proved he’s not just cosplaying as a powerful vigilante... he’s a true American Ninja Warrior.


Amell appeared on a celebrity edition of American Ninja Warrior for NBC’s Red Nose Day, completing the entire first course (and a bit of the second one) to raise $35,000 for charity. While it’s an impressive feat, it’s not exactly surprising. Amell does many of his own stunts for Arrow— including the salmon ladder, included in the latest Ninja Warrior course, which happens to be part of Green Arrow/Oliver Queen’s fitness routine. Here’s a Nerd Fitness guide if you want to recreate that routine yourself. Be warned, it’s tough as hell.

You can check out the video below and marvel at Amell’s skills— even while cringing a bit that the hosts declare how the “fanboys” were losing their minds over his feats (I’d argue the ladies were too, pals). Erika Christensen, Derek Hough, Natalie Morales, Ashton Eaton, Nikki Glaser, Nick Swisher, Jeff Dyne, and Mena Suvari also competed. Altogether, NBC raised over $35-million to help children in need.



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Joshua Norton

Between wrestling and doing this and that karaoke video, I think Stephen Amell might actually be just a pretty cool guy