Arrow Knows How to Break Our Hearts But Good

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Arrow is not a perfect show, but if there is one thing it knows how to do, it’s how to wring our hearts like they’re dirty dish rags. That skill was utilized last night in “Broken Hearts,” and we have the clip that proves it.


When it comes to heartbreak, last night’s episode left everything out on the field. Cupid’s in town, shooting celebrity couples, and the only way to lure her in is for Ollie and Felicity to have a wedding after all! The sham wedding includes each half of the couple saying their version of vows. Oliver goes first, and gives a speech that I only got through by driving a tack into my own cheek. Then Felicity, who has been putting up an almost cruelly unsentimental front all episode, says hers.

This is especially poignant when we realize it’s both her wedding vows and her break-up speech. And thus ends the relationship known as Ollicity... for now.


Ugh the Felicity thing is making me hate this show some. I hope this farewell is final cause I don’t want more Ollicity drama llamas. Felicity being a jerk about unnecessary drama she herself caused was just the worst.