Illustration for article titled iArrow /iJust Rocked Felicity Smoaks World Again, and She Has No Idea

Felicity Smoak’s year is about to get worse, and she doesn’t even know it. The latest episode logistically, emotionally, and narratively made not one single lick of sense... until the very end. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.


Star City’s newest supervillain is the Calculator, and he’s a hacker. This means that he and Felicity do battle online in a story that takes the kind of liberties with computer science that should cause computer science’s older brother to challenge it to a duel. The two are evenly matched, and they establish a kind of bantering rapport during their online fight, but it’s weird there’s so much focus on them. That is, until Felicity gives a wonderful presentation at work, with the Calculator in attendance. Then this happens:

Well-played, Arrow, my old friend. Well-played indeed.


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