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Arrow Is Adding One of DC's Weirdest Vigilantes for Season Five

Illustration for article titled iArrow/i Is Adding One of DCs Weirdest Vigilantes for Season Five

Ragman is coming to Arrow. Yes, Ragman! The CW/DC universe’s propensity for getting delightfully all-in on as much DC Comics history they can get their hands on is well known, but even then, this is a surprise.


Revealed by Entertainment Weekly today, Joe Dincol has been cast in Arrow season five as Rory Regan. He’ll first appear in the second episode of the season as a man “fresh from a personal tragedy,” looking for answers in Star City that will lead to him encountering the Green Arrow, but the role will recur.

In the comics, Ragman was the star of a short-lived self-titled series by writer Robert Kanigher and artist Joe Kubert. A Vietnam veteran, Regan donned the Ragman persona, wearing a tattered suit of rags that is actually made up of the souls of criminals Ragman has fought and absorbed, to fight crime. The souls would give Ragman various powers, such as increased strength or stamina, and aid him in his quest for vigilante justice.


Arrow spent most of its last season firmly establishing the existence of magical and supernatural elements in its world, and now it seems like it’s diving even further into that mystical mythos. Arrow returns this October.

James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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Wow, I’ve never even heard of Ragman before, I thought that was Homeless Moon Knight.