Arnold Schwarzenegger shuffles into tearjerker zombie film Maggie

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Although it's set during a zombie outbreak, the scale of the upcoming film Maggie sits on the opposite end of the spectrum from World War Z. It's about a small farm family who helps their eldest daughter come to terms with her zombie infection. And it's just nabbed itself an unlikely star.


Written by John Scott 3, Maggie was on the 2011 Black List for most popular unproduced screenplays. When last we heard about this project, Chloe Moretz was in talks to play the daughter who has been infected by a "walking dead" virus, and Paddy Considine was a hopeful to play her loving father. Now Variety is reporting that Moretz is likely no longer on board due to scheduling conflicts and that the former Governor of California is playing the post-apocalyptic patriarch, with Henry Hobson set to direct. Maggie's conceit is promising—a terminal illness story set against the horrors of a zombie outbreak—but Schwarzenegger is a bizarre choice for the male lead. How does the one-time action star fit into what will likely be an intimate film about unconditional love and coming to terms with a terrible fate?

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Is anyone else other than me utterly bored with zombies? Is there nothing else to write about nowadays?