Arnold Schwarzenegger: Great Darth Vader or the Greatest Darth Vader?

No offense to James Earl Jones, but I can't imagine how anybody could watch the above video of Arnold Schwarzenegger's little known tryout in the role of Darth Vader, and not see he makes the superior Sith Lord. I mean, it's not even close. Come on, George. You know you have one more Special Edition left in you before you go. Tell you what — you include this vocal track, and I'll forgive you for inserting Jar Jar into all the Dagobah scenes, or whatever other nonsense you had planned before we fanboys drove you screaming into retirement.


[Via FilmDrunk]

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No words can express the sheer amazing genius/stupidity that this idea is. No words can express the explosion of a deep belly laugh that makes me cry with joy at the same time as I cough and sneeze secondary and tertiary laughs as well; and that was only the first clip. I am home. You people live here with me; but I've just got to watch it again...