Army of Darkness Will Be Part of Ash vs. Evil Dead's Second Season

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Good news, you primitive screwheads: At today’s Ash vs. Evil Dead press room, executive producer Rob Tapert confirmed that cult classic Army of Darkness would play a part in the show’s second season.

Why was it left out of season one? Simply because it would’ve been odd, story-wise, to shoehorn references to Ash’s time-traveling adventure into the unfolding events of the show. Now that the story’s been established, Ash can finally start talking about the time he took a trip to medieval Europe.

“So, Army of Darkness is owned by MGM, and we just never had a chance to properly reference it in the first season,” Tapert explained. He went on:

I read somebody’s online thing, ‘Oh look, they’re only pulling from these two [Evil Dead] movies.’ This season, we do bring up Ash’s events in Army of Darkness, and reference it. It was more that there wasn’t a place for it in our storytelling that we needed to talk about that. If he started blabbing to these shop clerks about, ‘Yeah, I went back to the Middle Ages and did all these things,’ [it would just be exposition]. But that is in his memory bank, and he’s going to pull it out at the appropriate time.


In even better news, it appears that a fourth Evil Dead movie may still be a possibility. “Nothing’s off the table,” Tapert said. “We’re thinking about what that could be, and who that would please. Sam [Raimi] talked for many years, teasing the world that we were going to make Evil Dead 4. And that kind of turned into a TV series. Now Bruce [Campbell] and I are going, ‘Well, there’s a possibility of a movie here.’”

We’ll have more on Ash vs Evil Dead—including an interview with Lee Majors, who plays Ash’s father this season, and a review of the first episode of season two—soon.

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