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Calling all inventors and robot creators! The US military wants the fruits of your labors, and not for the purposes of killing people. No, this time, they're looking for something a little more helpful and healing.


New Scientist reports that the military are looking for inventors to provide ideas for an autonomous robot that can be used to rescue wounded or injured troops on a battlefield. According to the magazine,

It should be capable of planning an approach and escape route without prior knowledge of the local terrain and geography. The army also wants the robot to be able to cooperate with swarms of similar machines for mass rescues.


Ideally, the robot will also have arms that can deal with "the large number of body positions and types of locations in which casualties can be found." Applications are welcomed until March 24th. We're hoping that someone can come up with a way to make Ratchet a reality.

Robots to rescue soldiers [New Scientist]

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