Army Holds "Mad Scientist" Meeting to Predict Year 2030

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The Army recently held a secret meeting for a group they called "mad scientists," and at last they've released a report from the meeting. What's the big danger for 2030, according to the mad scientists?


According to Danger Room, which got a copy of the report, conference attendees agreed that:

In the operational environment of 2030 and beyond, the destructive/disruptive capability of the individual and small group will be more effective, more lethal, more easily developed/acquired, more efficiently delivered, and more easily concealed and transported... Individuals with access to the global information grid can easily acquire the knowledge needed to develop lethal bio agents, literally in their kitchen sink. Nanotechnology and robotics will offer opportunities to introduce and spread bio and chemical agents into targeted populations.


So, power to the lone nanohackers.

Read more at Danger Room, or just go to the report.

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I'm not so sure.

The case for individuals getting more powerfull is absolutely true, but at the same time, wouldnt there be even more people working on defense's against them?

It works both ways after all.

Might like open-source software. Its easier to find exploits and holes in security, but theres also a heck of a lot more people closeing the security holes.