What makes this scene from the 1986 movie Amazons so wonderful isn't just the completely ridiculous visual effects (and sound effects) when the lion turns into an naked assassin. It's also the amazing dialogue, including the villain's final threat to turn her into a rug.


This whole movie is full of unbelievable dialogue and gratuitous ridiculousness. It's a great example of "spaghetti fantasy epic," directed by Alejandro Sessa, a Roger Corman protege who also produced Deathstalker, Cocaine Wars and Highlander II: The Quickening. You don't get acting like this any more. Behold the trailer, in which you can see pew-pew lightning bolts, explosions, wicked laughter, spear-fighting, snake wrestling, and more of that evil lion. And a woman screaming "NOW YOU DIE" in the absolute best battle cry I've heard today. Warning: trailer includes not just nudity, but nudity and violence.

And someone has uploaded to Youtube the scene where the magic woman screams, "Someone is killing my tree!" Which then leads to the equally great, "Why kill your soul, when I can cut your body to pieces?"

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