Argentina is the new home of Robotechnology thanks to this unbelievable fan trailer

I've been following a group of very talented Argentinians working on a live-action/CG-hybrid Robotech movie for years now, because 1) given the nightmare that is the Robotech/Macross legal rights situation, a fan flick is pretty much our only chance to see a live-action Macross saga and 2) their film, Valkyrie Project, looks phenomenal. The group just released a new trailer including footage of Veritechs, Battle Pods, and even the first look at the Zentraedi. Every one needs to check it out, if only to see what a group of talented fans can achieve together. Unless, of course, you're involved in the legal department of the companies that own Robotech and/or Macross. Then please just ignore everything I said.


[Via ToysREvil]

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I mentioned this in Kotaku. Why bother with the 80s technology which inspired the Macross mech design (i.e. F-14 tomcat)? Use something that fits the 21st century Jet. I wasn't overly impressed with the alien mechs and what they were doing in relatively sparse environment. I just had an emotional roller coaster ride (inflated in the beginning then quickly deflated to empty husk about 1/3 into the trailer). If we are talking about general impressiveness of this fan made trailer, I am impressed. I will give credits.