"Arena" Pits Best Against Best, Fights Deja Vu

Today's finest soldiers kidnapped through time and space to a battleground where they have to fight the greatest warriors of all time in a vicious unforgiving battle to the death? The pitch for newly announced movie Arena may be basic, but that doesn't necessarily mean that we haven't seen it before, and fairly recently.

Arena, which will be produced by Michael Clayton studio Summit Entertainment and production company Benderspink, plans to take a familiar idea and make it... well, pretty much what you'd expect but with a better budget, if Variety's write-up is anything to go by:

[The s]tory centers on a group of modern-day soldiers who are mysteriously transported from the thick of battle to a terrain-shifting landscape where they must fight the best warriors of all different eras and histories in a gladiatorial fight to the death — or be killed by the all-powerful operators of the "Arena."


Would one of those operators be called Monarch, by any chance? The similarities to last year's DC series of... well, almost an identical name, really, Countdown: Arena, seem somewhat obvious; that series also featured heroes and villains from across time and multiple Earths brought together by a mysterious force in order to fight gladatorial games to the death. And even that series was a rip-off of Marvel's Secret Wars and Contest of Champions series... Which were, in turn, pretty much old Star Trek plots. Will this spate of unoriginality never cease?

Summit enters 'Arena' [Variety]

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