Area 51 Trailer Is A PSA For Not Breaking Into Top-Secret Military Bases

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Oren Peli had a mega-hit with Paranormal Activity in 2007. His follow-up, Area 51, finished shooting in 2010, was overhauled in 2011, and is finally seeing the light of day next month. So was the wait worth it? The trailer is here to help us decide ... if we can stand one more found-footage horror flick.

The clip appears to reveal a pretty familiar tale: stupidly brave camera-toting kids on a road trip, hellbent on poking their noses into a sinister spot they should actually be staying the hell away from. Especially the spoooooky basement. Why, always?? “Are you really ready for the consequences,” indeed? It’s Area 51! The military, which could vaporize you instantly, already doesn’t want you going in there! Why do you need to rattle the cages of whatever alien creatures are lurking below deck?


That said, it does look like it might offer some decent scares. Though maybe that’s just nostalgia for the first Paranormal Activity talking.



At least they finally realized that people no longer walk around with Super 8mm cameras. Will watch this when it’s released on Netflix.