Are zombies drawn to fire like moths to a flame?

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Zombies and moths may not seem terribly similar (fortunately! on both fronts), but a new Walking Dead fan-theory suggests that, when it comes to fire they might have more in common than we thought. Spoilers ahead, Walking Dead fans.


In response to this week's recap, commenters discussed the peculiar behavior of zombies when faced with fire — and just what it might mean:


Re: the burned zombies, they explained it a little on Talking Dead. They said that fire represents two things the decaying vision of zombies can still register: light and movement. So them wandering into the fire kind of makes sense. Also revealed on Talking Dead: the puzzle they were putting together was one of Sophia dressed in her rainbow shirt.

I actually liked that they didn't overexplain Lizzie's crazy. Because I think it was the first time in the show we saw someone who was truly just broken. She was broken beyond fixing, and unlike anyone else in this show who has broken (even the Governor), there was no coming back from it. There are people like that in the world we live in now, and it has always seemed kind of odd that there aren't more of them in the zombie apocalypse (they obviously wouldn't survive very long, but still). But the bottom line was that it didn't really matter how or why she was broken...only that she was. That was really all we needed to know.

I just sat there with my hands over my mouth through the last quarter of the episode. My friend was so agitated he couldn't stay seated. This was just a great, great episode of television.


On the distant column of smoke throughout the episode - Several of the walkers who attacked the group wore partially-burned military uniforms. Because of this, I had assumed that the the smoke was from the destruction of Terminus - guarded by surviving military units - which had been overrun for some reason. And that as the season ends, the various groups would make it there to find nothing left.


I thought heat played a part as well? It would certainly fit the idea of an infection that craves living bodies. Also, it's the only explanation I can think of for them attacking in the fog last week.


So what do you think? Should the few remaining survivors on The Walking Dead invest in some night vision googles, or do you have an alternate theory to tell us that explains what's going on?

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I definitely think they were attracted to the burning of the ill-fated booze house (which, by the way, was so stupid. Yeah, they were drunk, but come on! That's like a beacon AND it's destroying wildlife that is still very much alive and prospering. Talk about some callously irresponsible, anthropocentric bullshit).

The question that I find slightly more interesting, which was also addressed on Talking Dead, regards the timeline of these events. I suspect that, since the smoke cloud was white, that the burning of the house happened somewhat farther into the past than the events of The Grove, and that those charred zombies had been wandering for quite some time. I'm saying like maybe a few days to a week ago before Carol and company discovered that nice, little idyllic farm. I'm also curious to whether or not they unwittingly crossed paths with each other on their way to Terminus.

Speaking of which, we all know those bandits are going to attempt to raid that shit. Will Daryl, realizing Rick is there, keep mum until the moment is right to backstab his newfound compatriots? Or will he be compelled to do so before they even reach Terminus, if at all? Whatever, I love this show.