Are You Ready For Dark Knight Voltron?

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It had to happen: Voltron is getting a live-action big-budget remake, courtesy of the producers who brought you Get Smart, Wanted and The Dark Knight — with a focus on being Transformers, but with added human spirit. Be very afraid.


Hollywood Reporter's Risky Business blog reports that the live action reboot of the popular Japanese cartoon that was being worked on by 20th Century Fox — which had a completed script, courtesy of Justin Marks — is no more, thanks to rights reversion.

Once the rights became available, Atlas Entertainment — namely Dark Knight producer Charles Roven and his Get Smart producing partners Richard Suckle and Steve Alexander - quickly snapped them up, and are developing a brand new version of the character along with Wanted producer Jason Netter. Ted Kopler, another producer involved in the project, admitted that the success of Michael Bay's Transformers movies helped with the decision to grab the movie rights, but described their take as something different:

[U]nlike other robotic action movies, 'Voltron' is the personification of the human spirit, a quality that will set this movie apart.

Wait, "personification of the human spirit"? This is the same Voltron that's a giant robot made up of other robots, right...?

No studio has been announced as being involved with this project yet.

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What could be cool though is a live action Dungeons and Dragons....I think that's what the toon was called, used to watch it on Saturdays, same time period as Voltron.

There was that little dungeon master guy that used to give the kids lots of grief. This would be fun live long as SyFy doesnt do some low budget crap to it..

Yep here it is on YouTube - []