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Are You Ready For American Werewolves Across The World?

Illustration for article titled Are You Ready For American Werewolves Across The World?

Is John Landis' An American Werewolf In London about to be remade, or is there something more international afoot? Competing rumors are coming out that suggest that, one way or another, the classic is on its way back.


Bloody Disgusting initially reported that Dimension Films had bought the remake rights to John Landis' 1981 horror comedy, but Ain't It Cool has heard a different take:

The source says that there might not be any interest in doing a remake because of a rights issue, something about Universal's ownership of DVD, TV and online rights. What this source hears is Dimension is talking about franchising it. My guess is it wouldn't be a direct sequel like An American Werewolf In Paris, but rather keeping the werewolves and horror/comedy tone, but moving it around the world.


We're unconvinced about either idea; AAWIL is one of those near-perfect movies that doesn't need a remake, and the idea of doing a series of movies with wacky American werewolves in new countries just sounds filled with carcrash potential. Besides, aren't the cool kids over werewolves already?

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I'm not a horror fan, but I did enjoy AWIL and this just sounds craptacular.

It's going to a Mad-Libs (or Wolf-Libs) Travelogue:

US American(college student/stoner/loser/jackass) & friend travel to ______

They decide to go somewhere off the beaten path.

Get attacked by local wolf (man/woman/boy/albino rapist/hairy ass) and friend dies

Friend's ghost haunts US American (college student/stoner/loser/jackass)as he/she/it it haunted by turning into local wolf (man/woman/boy/albino rapist/hairy ass) during a (full moon/stomach cramp/dump/sex act)

Meets hot young local (female/male/transvestite/horse/corpse)

Has sex in (shower/bathtub/jacuzzi/kiddie pool/bathroom stall)

Goes on a killing rampage at next (full moon/stomach cramp/dump/sex act)

Local authorities act and (kill/main/read Twilight novels to) it.

The end.

Can I haz $400K for writing script template?