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Are You More Turned On or Terrified by "Sexts From the Void"?

Illustration for article titled Are You More Turned On or Terrified by Sexts From the Void?

This is an important question, although you can take the third option of "find them hilarious," which is where we landed. NSFW.

These tweets are 1/3 inspired, 1/3 befuddling, and 1/3 likely to summon the Elder Gods. The hard left turn some of them make from "typical sext" to "scary as all get out" is impressive and startled a guffaw out of me. If any of the small sample below does that for you, you can follow Sexts From the Void on twitter here.


[via Copperbadge]

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Transhuman Cyborg Octopus

Its like a more sexy version of Welcome To Night Vale.