Are You an Insane Voltron Fan With Loads of Disposable Income? Have I Got Good News for You!

Because Sideshow Collectibles has created a 27-inch-tall(!) statue of Voltron, Defender of the Universe, that will take care of $1,250 of the dollars that are apparently burning a hole in your wallet, purse, or checking account.

I know! I count myself as a pretty intense Voltron fan—I mean, I have a “SVEN LIVES” t-shirt lying around somewhere—but alas, I am not quite lucky enough to have a spare grand-and-a-1/4 lying around, which disqualifies me from what I’m guessing is a pretty elite membership. Still, if you meet both conditions but are not quite convinced this statue is for you, this adorably overwrought video may help sway you:

(The eyes of both Voltron and the individual lions do actually light up, just so you know.)


If you’re interested, you can pre-order the statue here beginning tomorrow—or, if you’re relegated to online window shopping, you can also check out a sizable gallery of photos at the link as well.


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