There are only three episodes of Doctor Who featuring David Tennant's version of the time-traveling weirdo yet to appear... but new reports suggest that those won't be the only doses of Tennant's Doctor we'll get.

Tennant already filmed a scene, from his final episode, where he says goodbye to 1970s traveling companion Sarah Jane Smith and her adopted son Luke. But now Tennant is back in Penarth, where Sarah Jane's house is, and so is his time machine, the TARDIS. This could just be another pick-up scene from his Doctor Who episode, except that Tennant is wearing a different outfit. Also, rumor has it he was at the script read-through for the third season of Sarah Jane's spin-off show, the Sarah Jane Adventures.


Here's hoping he will turn up in at least one episode of Sarah Jane's show — it's his last chance, after all. I have no clue when her next season will air, or whether it'll be before his own final episodes. It would be terribly, terribly naughty of Tennant's Doctor to say his final goodbyes to Sarah Jane, regenerate into Matt Smith and then have an earlier version of himself pop up to have one last adventure with her. (Or maybe it's the other way around. He would have an adventure with her, then go back to say goodbye — accidentally arriving at an earlier point in her timeline? Either way, confusing!) Set pics by Mali. [Planet Gallifrey]