Are Two Movies Called 9 Coming Out On The Same Day?

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Those awesome rag doll guys (in the animated film 9) may be able to defeat a whole army of killer robots. But now they're facing the most unlikely adversary - another movie, called Nine.


You remember we posted the trailer for 9 recently — it's an expanded version of Shane Acker's awesome short film, about rag dolls that get chased through a junkyard by a mechanical monster. The feature-length version, produced by Timur Bekmambetov and Tim Burton, will explain how the rag dolls came to be and explore how humanity's legacy carries on after humans are no more. Here's that trailer again:

Meanwhile, NIne is a film starring Daniel Day-Lewis as famous film director Guido Contini, who tries to balance his work and his various relationships with his wife, his muse, his agent and his mother. And it's a musical, apparently.

It seems somewhat unlikely that there would be two movies named 9 (or Nine) coming out the same year. But website Film Releases, which tracks release dates, claims they're both coming out on Sept. 9, 2009. (It makes a certain sense. If you have a movie called 9, wouldn't you put it out on 9/9/09?)

Let's hope one of these films budges, and maybe even changes its title into the bargain. (For what it's worth, IMDB says Day-Lewis' Nine is actually coming out Dec. 11. But I find Film Releases more reliable than IMDB, when it comes to release dates.)




You know that's also the release date for the planned "PLAN 9" remake as well??