A new blog has appeared online, showing images and video that some think is from the set of Ghostbusters 3, complete with what could be proton packs and giant monsters. So why are we suspicious?

Well, for one thing, the blog - called "Ghostspy," with a logo that certainly resembled the classic movie's logo - doesn't actually say that it's about Ghostbusters at all; in fact, the only thing that the mysterious blogger has said is this:


Yes, they are shooting it already. And yes, I am part of the crew. And no, I won’t tell any details. Because if I do and they find out, they will kill me. That’s why my little friend here [the post was accompanied by images of a hidden mic recording system] will do the talking. Stay tuned for more …

For another, the movie was only announced four months ago, and wasn't written back then. Even assuming that the writers managed to get everything together in record time - including rewrites, etc. - there's no way that pre-production could've been completed that quickly, or casting that quietly.


So, what is this blog? A complete fake? Or something altogether weirder? I'm going for the latter - after all, it's a very elaborate prank if it's entirely fake, and something is clearly being shot in this video:

Suspicious commenters on the blog itself have wondered whether this is a fan-tribute to either the original movie, or viral marketing for the Ghostbusters video game, but I think it's much sneakier - I'm wondering if there's not some low-level movie actually called Ghostspy that's trying to get attention for itself with this plan, and already preparing its defense by never actually using the word "Ghostbusters" anywhere on the site. Give it three months and wait for the Sci-Fi Channel Original Movie announcement to prove me right.



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