Are There Transatlantic Phone Lines On Mars?

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Is it the beginning of the time-traveling team-up that we've always dreamt about? The original bad-ass Life On Mars cop getting a phone call from his American LOM counterpart? Sadly, that's not exactly what happened.


DCI Gene Hunt himself, Philip Glenister, spilled the beans on this previously unknown TransAtlantic collaboration:

A friend working on set of the U.S. series rung me up and said: 'Phil, I've got Harvey Keitel here, he wants to talk to you.' I thought: 'Oh yeah, as if,' But it was Harvey Keitel. And he said: 'I admire your work, Mr Glenister - can I call you Phil?' He said he'd really enjoyed doing it and seen the originals, which he liked very much. In homage to me he said he had a pair of white shoes exactly the same as Gene Hunt wore in our series, but then he asked me if I had any tips about playing the guy. I just heard myself saying the most stupidest, poncy, theatrical thing: 'Just enjoy it, darling!'


Phil, Phil, Phil. I think the thing you should've said was "Don't do it, Harvey. It's beneath you."

Keitel consults Glenister over Hunt role [Digital Spy]

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