Are the latest ridiculous Nic Cage Superman test shots real or fake?

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Who could forget the first insane image from Superman Lives, the Tim Burton and Nic Cage Superman movie that never was. Cage was wearing the shiny skin of a 1990s action figure, his brown mane cascading down his shoulders. It was exactly the kind of wrong we craved from a Cage and Burton superhero project. Alas, it was not meant to be.


Recently, a Kickstarter page has been formed hoping to fund a documentary that will reveal the secrets behind the lost 1998 Superman movie. Which leads us to the above photograph. We can only assume that the recent hype around the proposed documentary has either led to some quality Cage photoshopping, or new leak of new Superman Lives images. As you can see this new photograph from DCU Movie Page is vastly different from the previous shots. We're pretty dubious, so we thought we'd leave it in your hands.


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Seneca the Younger(er)

I just don't understand how anyone, even Burton, sells studio execs on the idea of a Superman with Nic Cage's body and hairline. Have they never read a comic? Did they plan on using extensive prosthetics? I am baffled. Who even let this concept get to the test footage stage? What was the pitch?