The Crocker curse has long put Duke in an awkward situation in the world of Haven; he sits beneath the weight of the Troubles, but is seen as a hunter of the Troubled. But does his Trouble also put him at risk of becoming Haven's resident vampire?

This week's Haven wasn't particularly gory, but it nonetheless centered around blood. It starts when Jennifer cuts her finger and Duke reacts the way that every noble vampire in every piece of noble vampire media reacts: he leaps back as if a spider has crawled out of her veins. Later on, when Jennifer and Duke are being chased by a sentient pool of Troubled blood, he absorbs some of the blood and goes momentarily werewolf on us, getting those Crocker silver eyes and telling Jennifer to run. I wouldn't be surprised if Jennifer thought she'd walked into a very different brand of supernatural TV show.


The Guard has long viewed Duke with mistrust (I dig Jordan's "Evil Sponge" line), even though Duke has done so much to aid Audrey and the Troubled folk, but this episode goes a long way toward explaining their suspicion. Duke isn't just a person who can absorb the Troubles of anyone willing to die by his hand; he's also a monster waiting to happen. The Crockers of old weren't simply out to eliminate the Troubles; they also enjoy the power that comes from absorbing Troubled blood.

Prediction time: Wade is going to learn of the Crocker curse for himself and go full-on vampire, absorbing Troubled blood wherever he can find it. Now if a Crocker kills another Crocker, does the Crocker curse end?


Anyway, over to the Audrey side of things. I definitely had a moment early on in this episode where I thought, "Either Haven's sense of time is all screwed up or...oh. The bar isn't real." I'm not sure what the point of putting Audrey/Lexie in a fake bar was. Was it just to trip up the audience? To let Audrey cool her heels without us all worrying that she was dead? Or is this Audrey's own haven, a world where she has no real responsibility and a best girl friend who makes homecooked mac and cheese? And when Lexie leaves the barn, who will she be?

Also, I'm kind of curious as to what the filming looked like for this episode, especially during those, "Ooh, scary killer blood" sequences. How long were all the actors standing around and simply looking at the floor?