Are NBC's Troubles Good News For Chuck?

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With ratings falling for their hit shows, returning series canceled before the first episode of their second season and rumors of the network writing off the majority of their primetime line-up, are NBC's current woes good news for Chuck?

Following the surprise cancellation of critical hit/ratings survivor Southland earlier this week, the storm clouds have seemed to be gathering over the peacock network, with NBC insiders not only suggesting that much-hyped new medical drama Trauma is next, but also that the network has pretty much given up until the end of the year:

The insiders are even going so far as to give up on the rest of the primetime schedule for their network. "There's nothing watchable the rest of the year." Even midseason and spring of 2010? "Nothing watchable the rest of the season," I'm told.


According to Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello, however, this is good news for fans of Chuck:

...Chuck's third season might get to premiere sooner than the March date that's been bandied about thus far. "How much sooner" you ask? As early as late October, my moles tell me... But wait, there's more. If Chuck does come back sooner rather than later, the chances of NBC ordering additional episodes beyond the 13 it initially commissioned increases dramatically.

Considering the beating the network is taking in terms of ratings, an average second season audience for the show would now be seen as a win for NBC, meaning that an increased season order would definitely be more likely.

Chuck is still, officially, due to return in 2010.


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Benny Gesserit

Sorry for what I'm sure should be an obvious question save I don't read the tabs: which returning show was canceled before the 1st ep of season 2 aired?