Are Dollhouse And Sarah Connor Chronicles Already Canceled?

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Rumors are swarming, about the impending doom of Fox shows Dollhouse and Terminator. While people say Whedon is done with Dollhouse, Fox tells io9 different - and sets a date when all will be revealed.


Besides the fact that Whedon has hinted at the termination of Dollhouse for some time now, it seems people are coming out of the woodwork to confirm his dire outlook on the situation. One source close to Whedon tells us the relationship between Whedon and Fox is over, "poisoned," and that the show will definitely be canceled.


A Fox rep says it's not true:

Dollhouse is not canceled. With the exception of this Friday due to Prison Break's return, Dollhouse will continue to run as scheduled in its Friday time slot leading up to its first season finale on Friday, May 8th. A decision regarding a second season would be announced at the network's Upfront Presentation on May 18.

Meanwhile, Entertainment Weekly just reported from their sources on the life span of our beloved Sarah Connor Chronicles:

It's done," maintains a source close to the show. "Everyone has pretty much known for a couple of weeks." Adds a network insider: "Consider it canceled."


But a Fox rep reiterates what they told EW, telling io9: "No decision has been made yet and we will be announcing our fall schedule on May 18."

Is there any hope either of these shows will turn up in Fox's fall upfronts? We can always keep our fingers crossed. And keep writing to Fox, and to Fox's advertisers, in support of these shows, of course. And vote for them in E! Online's "save one show" poll. Here's a video of the fans asking Fox to keep T:SCC on the air:

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Fox was slow to get T:SCC going for a second season. At this point, we need to all be frantic and complain how much we will miss it to appease Fox who is dangling the toy over us. Soon enough, they will (HOPEFULLY!!!) announce the third season.

How could they leave it with the weirdo cliffhanger they chose to??